You may recall this photo! If not, click here and you’ll see where this all began! 🙂

So now … I’m at the point where my inbox looks like this!

Still needs dusting, but hey! Not bad!

And here’s the whole desk!

OMG! I see the surface!

Okay, that’s as good as it gets. Other than the dusting, of course.

One. Step. At a time. 🙂

PS: My first novel Identity Crisis has been officially re-issued in print. With a brand new cover! 🙂

I happened to be at Barnes & Noble tonight and put my book there and took the photo. So, if you go to B&N, ask them to please carry this book, okay?

Or you could just order it online. Or get an e-copy free by way of this giveaway! 🙂

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