Reality Check

In a recent blog post, Seth Godin talked about kinds of truth. This got me thinking about a few truths of my own.

The truth is … I love blogging. But, having dystonia means constant wear and tear on my body, my brain, my energy.

So … no matter how many positive vibes I project, no matter how much visualization I do or mantras I repeat, my condition is what it is.

This forces me to choose. I can choose to do something that will help me. Or I can continue to engage in bad habits and run myself into the ground.

The latter is simply not an option. Neither is giving up.

The real question is what to give up.

This blog’s purpose has always been … exploratory, let’s call it. I sometimes use this space to express views on topics that don’t fit neatly elsewhere. With the odd cartoon or video thrown in, now and then.

Bottom line: I’m putting a lot of writing stuff on hold to focus on one particular kind of writing. And I’m thinking about how to make it work.

I’ll post the occasional update here, so you’ll know I’m not dead yet still at it. Or maybe I’ll post them here. 🙂

Somewhere between this and this, there’s a wake-up call!

See? That’s how hopeless I am. 🙂

PS: If this kid were real today, he’d be a YouTube star!

With my thanks to Ruth at Silver Screenings. 🙂

PPS: For what it’s worth, I plan to blog/vlog something for Towel Day! (We can’t miss that one!)

PPPS: Does this work?

PPPPS: Aww … crap …! 🙂

Thanks, Paul!

PPPPPS: Episode 61: Star Wars Meets Avengers: Endgame via World O’Crap!

PPPPPPS: Must. Break. This. Habit. Part 1 – Resilience. Via Eclipsed Words.

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2 Responses to Reality Check

  1. So true what you said about Gerald McBoing Boing. Thanks for the shout-out – and I hope you have a really good weekend. 🙂

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