The Sunday Paper: Chapter 8

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Hi! 🙂 So, I’m back with more news and information and stuff.

Here we go again! 🙂


Leni Riefenstahl, eat your heart out.

The battle for 1042 Cutler Street.

Did a Black undercover NYPD detective unwittingly aid Malcolm X’s assassination? (And can you see the words “letter attacked” in the URL?)

Long-awaited trial over opioid epidemic set to start Monday in W.Va.

I ain’t moving here.


Mary Lincoln wasn’t ‘crazy.’ She was just a bereaved mother.

RIP Olympia Dukakis. “I just want you to know no matter what you do, you’re gonna die, just like everybody else.”


A home for working girls in the city’ endured more than 50 years.

Inspired Life

Best Buddies students find ways to sustain vital connection amid pandemic.


Completed trail network may be a $1 billion annual boon.


Get ready for the Preakness!


A statement so painfully obvious, I won’t repeat it here.

Yet another anti-trust lawsuit involving Apple.

Arts & Style

I don’t believe in predictions.

“Dare to be fat. Fat is where it’s at.”Root Boy Slim

He’s Jeff Goldblum. But what does that mean?

D.C. gets a fitting memorial to a war we’ve largely forgotten.

Surviving in Silicon Valley: Photographer looks behind Big Tech’s facade.


How the Senate’s antitrust chair would take on monopolies.

Book World

Lessons in travel–and bravura prose. (Aka, another book for frustrated would-be travel writers.)


Transforming Tuskegee’s Legacy: Descendents of men from the horrifying study want to calm virus vaccine fears.

Kitty Block: “[Animals] make our world a better place, and we can do better in making their world a better place.”

“Failure gives you a certain vision …” You’re so right, Gene! 🙂

And finally …

From Around the Web!

Max Scherzer is nearly perfect!

From the makers of Serial.

Bill S. Presents: The 9th Annual Skelly Awards!

OMG I’m so behind.

Gene Kelly on roller skates! 🙂

Get ready for Star Wars Day! 🙂

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