The Sunday Paper: Chapter 10

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Hello, again. I have no idea why I keep doing this, but maybe somebody out there likes it or will appreciate it at a future date.

Or maybe I’m just too full of myself a creature of habit. But I hope you enjoy the reading here.

So, onward! 🙂


Biden wants to dig up lead water pipes. This city needs help.

So … teaching our political system goes against our political system? I haven’t seen a debate this interesting since fourth grade.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a nutshell.

We really need more neurological research!

Book World

Stuff you probably already know, but would love to hear someone else say.

Timeless meditations on Earth’s fragility, and the damage humans do.

Juneteenth: When Black history pierces Texas’s myths.


Ousted CIA officer took agency to court, led legal fights for federal workers.


Apparently, the future is in Spandex!

Whatever you do, just don’t depend entirely on writing mystery novels for a living. Unless you can write much faster than I can. Which, actually, wouldn’t be that hard, I guess.

Local Opinion

Cleaning the Chesapeake Bay must be a regional effort. Yes, and good luck with that.


So much for that possible Triple Crown controversy This horse won the Preakness!


Golden Globes’ hiatus a blow to Hollywood’s bottom line.

Arts & Style

‘Underground Railroad” cast felt the work’s weight.

A Rebel and a rocker, in her art and life alike.

There’s rhythm in this Piet Mondrian masterpiece. Is there also code? (I love how different the online headline is. And the URL with “Broadway boogie woogie” in it.)

Never need a reason, never need a rhyme.

Our continuing fascination with female stereotypes flight attendants.


For those of us who wish to revisit the downsides of Zoom.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth: “The ideal of American rugged individualism, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, is not the reality out there.”

We are all models now.

I pulled this article up just to see if it mentioned Hemingway. It doesn’t, BTW.

OMG! Gene Weingarten stole my idea also uses the strikethrough to (hopefully) humorous effect! 🙂

And Finally …

Pearls Before Swine!

Except there’s more!

Myanmar’s Long History of Revolutionary Poets.

And the Traditional Third Anniversary Gift is Butane.

Wanna explore a haunted basement with me?

And, at last, a happy belated birthday to Trevor! 🙂

And thanks, Paul, for the song! 🙂

Trevor’s the guy on the left wearing red. Paul’s the other guy. 🙂
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2 Responses to The Sunday Paper: Chapter 10

  1. Ken MacClune says:

    I’m loving them – but don’t make that sentiment keep you from stopping if you wish. I’ve been planning to copy you (to what degree I can) because I think a presentation of what I am reading in the news is one of the best ways I can express myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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