The Sunday Paper: Chapter 13

Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

And here we are again, with more news from The Washington Post, plus whatever free online shit catches my eye carefully curated free resources/links/stuff.


I know. We partied like nothing had happened at all. Mainly, we stayed home and did our usual shit. We avoid travel on the holidays like … a big bad thing.

Hmm. I could say something about changing the name of the Jefferson Memorial, but no …

Is this the part where we thank you for supporting a free press?

Watch in awe as a federal judge compares as AR-15 to a Swiss Army Knife.

If you search on these terms: ‘vice president harris’ this will be your top hit.

Coming soon, from The Supremes!

And I’m talking about these Supremes.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Not these Supremes! 🙂

Opinion and Op-Ed

Hopefully, I’m not adding to the problem.

Yeah, enjoy the break. Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok …

Local Opinion

A rabbi, a Presbyterian, a farmer and a student walk into a bar. Except they weren’t in a bar.

Read this, if only for the reference to “Chocolate City.” Which you can learn more (or less) about here.

Book World

Now this sounds like an interesting story.

I will totally have to read this one. Maybe. It reminds me of a funny story (in retrospect).


Hater shit existed long before social media. Alternate headline: It’s still innocent until proven guilty.


Let’s go Mets! 🙂


Rock on Crocs!

Um, you know, you might want to try asking a friend. Someone you actually know and trust.

Writers and indie authors and everyone else take note. Everyone’s adopting a subscription model. At least, for now.


I’m pondering as fast as I can.

Painting Bravery requires Showing Up. IRL.

Can there be justice 80 years later?

OMG! I had so many thoughts as I read this column!

They kind of went like this:

  • Wow! I remember that little island. In fact, I walked over that island on that bridge.
  • Imagine my shock when the walkway ran out and I ended up sliding/hanging on for dear life as I scootched my ass past one of the bridge’s supporting columns, traffic creating a breeze behind me, until I finally reached the other side. I was 10 (or 11) years old at the time.
  • Remind me. Why do normal sane average people does anyone want to live in New York City?
  • Wow, Gene. Your childhood clearly was much different than mine. The thought of returning to my first childhood residence is almost enough to make me sick not a pleasant thought.
  • Hmm. That is odd. You’d think the cats would eat the geese. Go figure.
  • Oh, man. Only in New York!

And the Funnies! 🙂

Right. Now you’re just starting to piss me off, Dude. 🙂

And more free links:

Sebastian Junger’s focused retreat.

Sebastian Junger: Author, Filmmaker, Man of the Woods.

Production values.

The 2021 Shamus nominees announced on a Japanese blog!

Slumgullion 85: White Zombie Privilege meet Film Lover’s White Zombie! 🙂

Hey you. You need a laugh.

Are these the best Sherlock Holmes quotes ever?

There’s even a petition below the video! Wow!

Thanks, Paul! 🙂

Disclaimer: none of the above are affiliate links (as defined by the FTC).

PS: Okay, I was just listening to the White Zombie podcast, and well … 🙂

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