The Sunday Paper: Chapter 16

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Hi everyone! Well, it’s a thrill to be here. Actually, to be anywhere. It means, I’m still not dead alive and doing reasonably well.

So then onward!


Dude. Not all pot smokers are involved with illicit guns or drug cartels.

I’m not moving to Florida.

Oh, who needs mail now that we have email, texts, and social media?

Remember when the worst thing that could happen in middle school was getting a wedgie?

Oh, Canada!

Oh, shit!

Sunday Opinion

I’m tempted to quote Orwell. You know, that thing he said about telling the truth. 🙂


I am LOVING this! Even though it’s like closing the barn door after the horse has split …


Imagine. A national train system that would actually take you nearly anywhere around that nation.

Imagine. Not sitting in traffic.

Really? Well, where are the deserts? The cacti? The palm trees? And you call those bumps in the ground mountains? Ha!

Keep looking up in July.


RIP Ellen McIlwaine.


Just reading this exhausted me.

Steve Jobs is turning over in his proverbial grave.


Baseball was too depressing to discuss.

Another Wimbleton. Another birthday for me.

Arts & Style

The name’s Neeson. Liam Neeson.

I think I need new glasses.

Book World

Walking is good. These books will tell you why.


Legal Fictoids. I wonder how many of them are true? They’re nothing compared to what really goes on!


Really wish my mom hadn’t thrown out all those old comic books.

Mark Robert Rank: “The safety net in the United States is very, very weak.”

Did Gene Weingarten have a column? I didn’t notice. 🙂

And the Funnies!

Get out there and live!

Bonus Links

It’s not November, but now you know, and apparently, that’s half the battle.

Take this job and shove it.

Let’s see if you get this one. A baby boomer, a Gen X-er, and a millennial walk into a bar

Well that was a fucking day, y’all.

PS: I’ve been listening to some Ellen McIlwaine. I’m adding one of these songs YouTube is pushing my way suggesting to my playlist!

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