On this Day: March 5

Photo by Sean Benesh on Unsplash

Okay, I’m starting this on a Saturday, but I’m probably not going to keep doing this on Saturday. Just saying, I think I deserve a day off, now and then, here and there.

Anyway, did you know that on this day, the following things happened or are happening or … no, they either are or were happening.

In China, they celebrate Lei Feng Day.

It’s the Feast Day of Saint Piran.

Tennis champion Elisabeth Moore was born in 1876.

In 1616, this book was banned by the Roman Catholic Church.

You can also get it here. It’s kind of in the public domain by now. I’m pretty sure.

And Pope Francis made an historic visit to Iraq. Last year. On this date.

With thanks to Paul Downie, for asking the questions. 🙂

Now, here’s something everyone should see!

PS: Have you heard the Wilhelm Scream?

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