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My Afternoon at Barnes & Noble

So last Wednesday, we had our writers group meeting, as opposed to my screenwriters group meeting. It took place at the usual Barnes & Noble in Annapolis. Not the one pictured above, because no one else in the group lives … Continue reading

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Your Money or Your Principles

When I was practicing law, there were certain clients I knew I’d never represent. Okay … make that one client … Big Tobacco. I saw the effect cigarettes had on my mother. Her addiction to cancer sticks was completely understandable. … Continue reading

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And Some Writers Have Unions …

Yes, the Writers Guild of America. An organization that actually looks out for the interests of its writer members. And what does that include? Well, according to this article dated April 6, 2019: Hollywood’s version of a family feud has … Continue reading

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You may recall this photo! If not, click here and you’ll see where this all began! 🙂 So now … I’m at the point where my inbox looks like this! Still needs dusting, but hey! Not bad! And here’s the … Continue reading

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Forecast for Indie Authors: Mostly Cloudy with Occasional Sunshine

If you’re an indie author, you might want to read this blog post from Smashwords’ founder Mark Coker. Pay special attention to this part (and I quote): The Rise of Indie Authorship Amazon launched their ebook self-publishing platform in late … Continue reading

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