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I’m Picturing the Weirdest Class Action Lawsuit

Okay, I’m just going to put this out there. Just what it says in this article about an antitrust complaint filed in the Federal District Court for the Southern District. According to the article: Arcesium LLC has filed a complaint … Continue reading

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This Conversation is Real!

People sometimes wonder why I no longer practice law. This article from the American Bar Association does a pretty good job of explaining how thoroughly two people can manage not to communicate. I’ll just quote a few bits to give … Continue reading

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Yet Another Entry in My Law Office Journal

Hi again! 🙂 Here’s a bit more from the journal I kept while I had my own law office, before I started trying to write for a living, but did lots of thinking about it. We left off right here. … Continue reading

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Trivial Pursuits

Did you know that 88% of law firm leaders who say they have “chronically underperforming lawyers,” with weak business-development skills being the top factor? Did you know a builder is suing Zillow over the website’s Zestimates, which can estimate property … Continue reading

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