The Sunday Paper: Chapter 42

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Ah, yes. Well, today (as in the day I’m writing these words) is Boxing Day. And if you click that link to the Wikipedia article, you’ll see that Boxing Day originated as “a holiday to give gifts to the poor”, but has now metastasized morphed been transformed into a “shopping holiday.”

And please note that there’s a whole section on Shopping (with a capital S), with comparisons to Black Friday. Wow!

Then, just as I got distracted by the Sports section, I realized I started writing this for another reason. Let’s get back to that then.


God save the Queen.


The Washington Post officially finds 21 good things about 2021. (I’d spare the “gift link”, if I could.)


Who’s left out when Democrats talk about the ‘dignity of work’?

Here’s what forgiving student loans really means: A lifeline out of poverty. (I would’ve totally given you the “gift link” on this one, if I didn’t have another awesome one I just have to share.)


A basement discovery brings pure ‘Joy‘. Awesome story about finding a lost song. Sorry, not the article I chose for gifting.

Let’s try this! 🙂

Christmas Day was a bit warmer than usual in Maryland and DC and area. We even went for a walk in nothing but our indoor clothes. Maybe I’ll post a photo. Or not depending on how lazy I feel at the mo.

Taken while walking yesterday (as in Saturday) (as in Christmas Day)


This woman launched her own magazine. Pre-Internet, I might add.

Then, I looked at the Community Deaths and thought about what could be written about or inspired by them.


Uh, yeah, things have been weird. No shit.

Couldn’t find the article about why women quit their jobs. But I pulled this one up by the same writer, with essentially the same message.

Arts & Style

Well, this sucks. Blue’s my favorite color.

JFK is still relevant, despite the film’s being ancient history 30 years old.

I keep hearing about this damn movie. Then, I think about how much hated The Piano erm, have you won any Oscars lately, Ms. Mack? Ahem!


Everyone has COVID-19 or some variant thereof.


Stephanie Land: “It’s really hard to absolutely know how hated you are for needing assistance.” (There you go! My final “gift link” of the year to you.)

And, of course, Dave Barry’s 2021 Year in Review! Which mentioned Jeff Bezos a couple of times, but didn’t mention Amazon. But did start off by mentioning Hitler. There, I said it.

Finally, the Funnies.

Remember privacy?

Yeah, man. Fuck it, dude. Let’s go bowling.

You and me both, Stantis. 🙂 (See above for more about Boxing Day.)

And, now, a holiday lineup of blogs of note:

Merry Christmas! We Got You Some Fauxmosexuals!

Merry Christmas from Unlikely Places.

Changing Our Mind About Jerry Lewis.

Stress #WritersLife #IWSG

Nik Nak’s Boxing Day Teaser! 🙂

We’ve never had matching pajamas in our lives so this is what we do instead.

And that’s just scratching the surface …

So, there you go. And happy holidays! See you next year! 🙂

PS: Don’t miss this! 🙂

And a song! 🙂

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